Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can Tutoring Take Place?

Most tutoring takes place either at the student's home or at their school. I currently have permission to see students on campus at Hamlin School, The Urban School, and Bay School. If your student has a free period during the day and you'd like me to meet them at school, please Contact me and we can see if meeting at school is a possibility. Depending on our mutual needs and schedules, we can also meet at another location such as a cafe.

Technology makes it possible to meet students remotely. I've worked with students away at college or boarding school, or while they were on vacation, using a combination of Facetime and an iPad app. Using the app, we can both write on a shared whiteboard screen in real time. We can also mark up photos of your previous work and work from worksheet PDFs. Paired with a video call on Facetime, it allows for personalized one-on-one instruction no matter where in the world you live or go to school.

How Long Is Each Session?

Most sessions are one hour long. If a student will benefit from an extended period of time to thoroughly explore a subject and attain mastery, more time can be scheduled in 15 minute increments.

How Much Does Each Session Cost?

My rate is competitive with other area tutors and is dependent upon session location (meeting at a cafe or remotely is less costly than meeting at your home or at the student's school.)

Contact me for details.

When Do I Pay?

You will receive an invoice on a monthly basis. I accept cash, checks, and electronic bank transfer.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

If you need help with standardized test preparation, we will determine this after you take a preliminary assessment. Working together, we will create a plan to help you reach your goals. Typically, thorough test prep requires between six and twelve one-hour sessions.

For academic tutoring, the number of sessions depends on your needs and goals. If you have only fallen behind a bit, a few sessions may be enough to get you back on track. If holes in your prior math knowledge are impairing your ability to learn new material, more sessions will be needed to help you regain confidence.

I've worked with some students for just a few months until they've regained their footing in a class, while many other families enjoy having my continued support of their students over the course of five or more years. I value the trust that these families bestow upon me, and enjoy watching their children grow into mature mathematicians. It is a unique opportunity as a teacher to get to teach the same child for such a long time, and this aspect of building relationships with my students is one that I particularly enjoy about this line of work.

How Many Times A Week Will We Meet?

This depends on your needs and goals. For test prep, another factor is how long the window is before your test date. Typically I meet with students once a week, though more frequent meetings are possible.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact me to schedule a no-cost phone consultation. We will discuss my contract, cancellation and payment policies, and work out a schedule for the first month of tutoring. If interested in test prep, I will also provide you with a preliminary assessment to be taken before our first session. I will also email you my New Student Questionnaire so you can let me know about your areas of concern and goals for tutoring. If it sounds like we will be a good fit and we've found a mutually agreeable time to meet, then I will email you my contract which you can easily sign and return to me electronically.