I would like to thank you for the positive impact you have had as a teacher. My daughter has always loved math. However you are the only teacher who has truly inspired her. We are so grateful to you for that.

- Parent, Hamlin School

You are a fantastic and gifted teacher who clearly is passionate about math and wants your students to learn, succeed and love math. The hour I spent observing your class flew by so quickly as you had me totally engrossed in the material. I am so thrilled that my daughter has the privilege of having you as her teacher.

- Parent, Hamlin School

Thank you so much for the notes! You are a lifesaver. I can't wait to teach my class a more productive way to do leading coefficient problems tomorrow. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!


- Former Student, Hamlin School

Ms. Velleman is a a great teacher who is completely dedicated to her students. She is our hero because she turned our daughter from a student who was afraid of math into a student who loves math. We will be forever grateful to her and wish her all the best.

- Parent, Hamlin School


Our daughter has found your tutoring extraordinarily valuable. You were her favorite math teacher at Hamlin and having the chance to work individually with you to “shore up” some foundational math skills to send her on her way in high school has been very worthwhile. We are delighted that you are now available as a resource to our family and to other students in the City!

K.K., Hamlin parent

OMG!!!! You are a miracle worker!!!! I will call you Ann Sullivan from now on.

As always, thank you for your help. I've learned that it doesn't take a village, it takes Katharine Velleman!

C.L., Hamlin & UHS parent

I just wanted to thank you for all the work we have done this semester. It has really helped me and for the first time in a while I actually understand the math instead of just memorizing how to complete the problem. It seems the work has paid off as I got a really good grade on a big test.


G.S., Bay School student

Thanks for all you did for P. last year in math. He had such a successful year! I was thrilled with his A- in PreCalc and also 790 on the SAT! Could not have been a happier result! He would never be where he were it not for you, so thank you! He decided to switch to AP Stat along with Calc so he will definitely want to get back on your schedule.

J.F., Town & UHS parent